Thursday, January 22, 2009

They can put out the fires in the streets, but not the fires in our hearts.

Enough blogging. You won´t be hearing from me for awhile.

They've gassed people.

Beaten them.
Sprayed them.

Arrested children.

Beaten old folks.

All so they can keep their stranglehold on power. All so the rich stay richer while the poor get poorer, paying off the debts of the very people who sank a nation into bankruptcy. The PM complains of "violence" when his (publicly funded) car is hit with eggs and surrounded by protesters, and yet he lauds the police for doing a good job when they beat and gas people to "protect" a building. A building, no matter how historical, how symbolically important IS NEVER WORTH INFLICTING INJURY ON YOUR FELLOW MAN. I don't care if windows are broken, but broken bones are a different story. Know this: All of this could have been prevented. If those in power would taken the responsiblity they have been so generous compensated for and STEPPED DOWN, none of this would have happened, and what's coming, the darkness ahead, could have been avoided. In any other nation, stones and bottles would have been flying weeks ago. We've tried to be reasonable. But one can only kneel for so long before one has to rise up.

To the police of Iceland: BACK OFF! You are out numbered, unsupported, and fighting a loosing fight. The very institutions you work to protect are working to sell you, your children, and your children's children into debt slavery in order to line their own pockets. Don't pour more petrol on this fire.
You can't put it out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Totally TMI

Weird fact.

9 times out of 10, whenever I get online for anything more than five minutes, I wind up needing to take a dump.

I don't know why.

My current theories include colon-specific radiation from internet sites, the usually rather hunched position I type in, or, most likely, my body having to make room for all the bullshit coming off the web.

Garbage in, garbage out, non?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brave New Year

Hello dearest darling blogodytes.

Miss me?

So I'm sitting in what should be the first class I can attend of my shiny new career as a grad student, but oddly enough, no one is here.

This is in keeping with the trend so far, whereby the few courses I can attend have either been canceled at the last minute or conflict with each other's schedules.

Oh well.

Try not to freak.

That's kinda my mantra for this brave new year.

Try no to freak.

Thing is, it dawned on me during the dark days of December that the one overriding theme of my 2008 was fear.

I was afraid of getting hurt, so I cocooned myself in with those friends I knew I could trust, and locked everyone else out.

I was afraid of getting my heart broken, so I dallied in meaningless flings and avoided anything that might have become real.

I was so afraid of screwing something up, that I didn't get anything done. Not at school, not at work, not fixing the apartment, not nothing.

And the fear grew. It got big and got teeth and started to insinuate itself into my dreams, into my consciousness, so that suddenly I was avoiding protests for fear of being thrown out on the country and barely making it to work on time because I had to go back and check that everything was locked up. The fear tried to spoil my one brave act of the year (going to Spain) by filling my head with all the things that could go wrong. On the way there I worried about getting lost or getting in trouble with customs, on the way back I freaked out about the Icelandic authorities trying to deport me.

A whole year went by and I let fear define it, and let that fear render me nearly useless.

Which stops now.

I'm not going to let my fears hold me back any more.

So I'm back at school.

So I'm working on the apartment.

So I'm going out and meeting new people.

Fuck fear, fuck it right up its furry little bottom.

Look out 2009, Da Sma is back!