Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dear Guess,

I have not been abducted by aliens, the CIA/FBI/KGB/NRA, or the People's Army for the Liberation of Vesturbaer.

I have not been ill, in hiding, or doped into a comatose state.

I certainly haven't been lazy, or converted to asshatism.

So why, as I have had access to internets via the Embles house-sitting arrangement have I not blogged the bloggity blog?

'Cause I've been busy.

Started the new summer job (awesome, but full-time work is like, long and stuff), been attempting work on the Wall of Utter Kitchen DOOM!, and generally feeling so friggin' creative as far as blog subjects go that I've managed to paralyse myself.

Like a sex addict walking into a free brothel. Too much to choose from and boom down I go.

I want to blog about the War on Sex, green-washing, idiots who still think we should import all our damned food, misguided dorks who think Iceland should join the E.U. and the utter coolness that is movies, but I can't choose. What's worse, they keep mixing up in my brain. I'll start writing about how governments and powerful instituions are working to criminalize certain aspects of sex while simultaneously promoting them in an effort to keep the populace fearful, and suddenly sequeway into a rant about how people are still not realizing what a stupid idea hydrogen cars are, before waxing poetic about how incredibly good Dark Knight is going to be.

Which, all in all, tends to make me sound like a ranting nutjob with a bad case of aphasia and not a ranting nutjob tortured by his own brilliance.

So keep yer knickers from twistin', I'll blog soon enough.

PS: If you're really that desperate to learn my thoughts on subjects of mutual concern, you could always tell me who you are and we could meet up for a beer. I prefer to be able to identify my self-defined stalkers on sight...