Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm back...

...and instead of blogging about the pressing issues of the day, I'm just gonna tell you all how my weekend went.








Started off Friday night, hanging out with the ever-delectable Eden, drinking beer and listening to seriously strange music from my ample collection of such, shooting the shit, chowing down on yummy pad thai from KrĂșa Thai (best Thai food in Rvk, after Ban Thai, but unlike Ban Thai, they deliver!) and generally having fun.

Woke up refreshed rather than hung over on Saturday, went and did some shopping, then helped Zunkel move into the 'hood, which involved alot of heavy lifting and sweaty manliness, especially when hauling the hardwood bookcase of doom up to the balcony.

Every now and again, its fun to shift heavy loads and grunt up inclines carrying heavy stuff. Makes for the feeling of manly.

After that, it was home for a shower, change into my punk garb* and over to Inaki andCo.'s for pre-concert beers and hard-core rock-out-with-your-metaphorical-cock-out moshing at Grandrokk courtesy of FRAEBBBLARNIR and others. It had been so long since I went to a punk show, and the five of us foreign punks made up for what we lacked in numbers (the place was packed) with enthusiasm.

The only thing that was slightly less than perfect 'bout the concert was the staid nature of most (but not all, kudos to those Fishylanders who jumped in the pit with us) of the audience, who seemed to think the whole thing was some sort of museum display, and hence only for looking at, not engaging in.

It was very cool that people from the band went out of their way to compliment our little crew and showing l'esprit de punk.

After hours of sweaty moshing (its amazing how long you can go when its good, its like the the Second Law of Thermodynamics takes a break and one becomes a perpetual motion punk) we cooled off with a walk downtown for kebabs and then beer at Belly's.

On the way home I went ass-over-tea-kettle on the ice, but thankfully I was too drunk to sustain any serious damage.

Spent Sunday recovering, then stopped by the Zunkel's for a chat.

I'm stiff as a board, bruised and battered, and can barely move my neck. I've got a side-walk induced goose egg, and some of the most random scratch marks I've ever sported. I have to work late tonight, have to start tackling my taxes and figure out how to turn in a ton of time sheets, and I've still got 4 days of school-hell to work and I'm working almost all Zombie Messiah Vacation.

I'm grinning ear to ear...

*Leather jacket stolen from work, plaid pants dumpsterdived out of a Value Village dumpster, old tee with my only stenciling, and spiked collar a friend lifted for me. The only things I paid for were the boots on my feet and my underwear.
PS: If anyone has pics from the concert please let me know!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yes I'm still here.

But I'm suffering from the flu, lack of consistent internet access and an overload of things to blog about which has reduced me to an entry this feeble.

See ya next week.